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EKS NC Series non-cycling refrigerated dryers are engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency and service life. Moisture and contaminants are efficiently separated from the compressed air stream and automatically discharged from the dryer. Our non-cycling dryers include Best-In-Class features that make them the logical choice for many refrigerated dryer applications.

Compressed air is used commonly for powering tools and equipment, in production and finishing processes and to control valves and instruments. Water, compressor lubricant aerosols, and air-borne particulates can damage tools, increase maintenance requirements or spoil finished product. NCE and HTB Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers from ZEKS remove harmful moisture and contaminants from compressed air to guard against process waste and spoilage, and production downtime.

NCE and HTB Standard Features

• Integral Heat Exchanger/Separator • VSD Condenser Fan Control
• Fully Hermetic Refrigeration System • NEMA 12 Electrical Design

• Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
• Precooler/Reheater (Air-to-Air Exchanger) • Air-cooled Aftercooler (HTB only)
• Built-in Coalescing Filter (HTB only)
• Microprocessor Control with Touch Pad

– Illuminated compressor-running indicator
– Condensate drain open indicator
– Indication of full- or variable speed fan operation – Fault message indication
– Drain timing/Drain test interface

• Reliable Electric Solenoid Drain
• Galvanized Internal Structural Components • Powder-Coated Cabinet
• Compact Design/Quiet Operation
• UL Listed

Built to Perform, Built to Last