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ZEKS Multiplex

MultiPlexTM Large Capacity Compressed Air Dryers
3,250 – 19,200 scfm 

MultiPlexTM dryers provide large capacity refrigerated drying capacity with ZEKS True-Cycling operating efficiencies and the advantage of CFX stainless steel exchanger technology. Our large capacity compressed air dryers reduce air treatment downtime potential.

  • Independent refrigeration systems
  • Multiple air treatment modules
  • Energy-saving True-Cycling operation
  • Expandable to accomodate production growth
Each independent air-treatment module is separately controlled and operated based on demand. If servicing or repair is needed, the module(s) that remain on-line continue to dry their portion of the compressed air. Moisture and contaminants are efficiently separated from the air stream and automatically discharged
from the dryer.

Eliminate The Need For Multiple Dryers

MultiPlex dryers are an assembly of multiple air treatment modules, each with a cycling refrigeration system, stainless steel heatexchangers and a high efficiency vortex separator and no-air loss drain. The modules are integrated andconfigured in eleven dryer models with air treatment capacities from 3,250 –19,200 SCFM. This modularapproach provides inherent redundancy of critical dryer components.The design enables users to maintain dryer operation even when one of the independent refrigeration systems is taken off-line for service or maintenance. Properly sized, the dryer outlet pressure dew point will not be compromised if a single module is de-energized.

Built to Perform, Built to Last