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ZEKS Air Filtration

ZEKS Air Filtration

We provide several compressed air filtration options that protect air system components and process machinery, and help reduce production waste.

Mist Eliminators
Depth Bed Filtration
125-8000 scfm

Mist Eliminators are heavy-duty, self-cleaning coalescing filters designed to remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems with minimum pressure drop. They are used to eliminate the sub-micron oil particles produced by lubricated compressors which can cause product contamination and equipment fouling. Proven in use, ZEKS Mist Eliminators feature low internal velocities, long dwell times, long element life, and high efficiency.  ZEKS Mist Eliminators are a practical, inexpensive way to ensure essentially “oil-free” air when using lubricated compressors.

Low pressure drop
Long element life
Differential pressure gauge
Safety relief valve

ZFC Compressed Air Filters NEW!
22-1,600 scfm

ZFC filters are engineered for superior performance, providing features that improve air quality and enhance operating efficiency of a compressed air system. With sixteen models to choose from in four element grades, ZFC is a practicle solution for protecting pneumatic tools and critical processes.

Low pressure drop
Four element grades
No-touch element replacement
Reliable brass drain valve

Built to Perform, Built to Last