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Medical air compressor systems are intended to produce gas used exclusively for breathable air delivered to patients through devices such as: flow meter, blender, anesthesia machines and critical care ventilators. Normally the medical air system is comprised of multiplexed medical air compressors in order to provide a redundancy backup in case one should fail or need maintenance downtime.

The medical air compressors are designed to prevent the introduction of contaminants or liquids into the air delivery systems by eliminating oil anywhere in the compressor. These medical air compressor systems can also be configured in triplex or quadraplex system layouts for facilities requiring greater medical air volume demand.

Atlas Copco is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality, most reliable medical air systems for use in hospital, laboratory, or pharmaceutical environments.

For those critical applications where clean-dry compressed air is not just a luxury but a necessity, the Atlas Copco Medical Air compressors have proven to be reliable and durable time after time in hospitals, dental offices, universities, schools, industries, and laboratories. Atlas Copco can provide Medical Air Systems from its vast selection of products, or engineer a pure air system to your specifications. 

100% Oil-Free 

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