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Compressed Air Equipment takes the guess work out of equipment maintenance and gives you peace of mind. With our Maintenance Agreements we take the worry, aggravation, and most importantly the added internal cost out of the customer’s hands by tracking and scheduling the required maintenance for your equipment. With preventive maintenance, our goal is to identify possible problems before they become real breakdowns. If service is neglected on any Industrial Air Compressor its not a question of will it break down, the real question is when will it break down.

Our Minor Preventative Maintenance Service includes changing your compressors’s air filter and oil filter, checking and topping off oil, cleaning and lubrication, oil analysis, minor adjustments, and performing a complete systems check to make sure your compressor and other air components in your air system are running at optimum levels.

Our Major Preventative Maintenance Service includes everything we provide in our Minor Preventative Maintenance Service, plus changing out the air compressor’s oil separator, and a full oil change of the air compressor’s lubricant.  This service is absolutely necessary for ensuring that oil does not pass from your air compressor and into your air system, which can damage your system, tools, or finished products.

While performing any of our Preventative Maintenance Services, we check everything from major components to hoses, control lines, electrical connections and cleanliness of the compressor area. Regardless on how heavily your air compressor equipment is used, the maintenance schedule will be tailored to meet your needs. Unlike other service companies, Compressed Air Equipment provides each customer with their own personal technician. This way customers have the same tech every time service is done and allows for consistent quality work with a consistent trusting relationship between the tech and the customer. Our technicians are trained to maintain all compressed air equipment, regardless of manufacturer. With licensed refrigeration techs on staff, we got your air dryers covered too! To discuss your specific needs for preventive maintenance services please email us or call us.

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