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GX 2-7 EP / G 7-15 EL


Atlas Copco compressors are legendary for their reliability and efficiency.  That is why our G-series has long been the preferred air solution for small and medium sized businesses.The GX 2-7 EP and the G 7-15 EL simply check all the boxes when it comes to being quiet, efficient, powerful and reliable.

Customer benefits

  • The New G-Series – The latest-generation G-series comes with Atlas Copco’s powerful rotary screw element and an advanced electronic controller on the G 7-15 EL to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Built-in Reliability
    • Atlas Copco’s patented rotary screw element allows for a 100% duty cycle.
    • The complete unit is designed to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 46 °C/115 °F.
  • East Installation
    • Available in multiple configurations – including floor or tank mounted and with or without integrated dryer.
    • Extremely small footprint and cooling air discharge from the top allow for placement against a wall or even in a corner.
  • Reduced energy costs – Our GX compressors offer the low energy consumption and high efficiency of a rotary screw compressor. Compared to piston compressors that suffer from increased energy consumption over time, these screw compressors always provide high efficiency.
  • Advanced Monitoring – The G 7-15 EL’s new BASE controller offers advanced monitoring and control:
    • Icon-based display, pressure settings, temperature reading.
    • Running hours/hours working @ load.
    • Service warnings.
    • Outlet pressure setting directly on the controller.
    • Pressure and element outlet temperature reading.
  • Robust and Efficient Compression Element – Atlas Copco’s trusted rotary screw element offers an increased free air delivery by up to 3% compared to the previous models.

  • Easy maintenance – Service points are grouped together and are accessible through the removable panel. The spin-on oil separator and filter are designed to be easy to maintain. Maintenance is further simplified through information provided on the control panel.
  • Silent operation – Atlas Copco supplies GX compressors with full sound enclosures which reduce the sound levels to as low as 61 dB(A). The rotary screw technology minimizes vibration, while optimized cooling air flow enhances quiet operation.
  • Integrated air treatment – The GX 2-11 FF is available with an advanced built-in refrigerant air dryer. By cooling the compressed air and removing water before it can enter your compressed air network, it prevents rust in your compressed air piping and avoids damage to your air tools.
  • G 7-15 EL Industry-Leading Performance 
    • Thanks to load/no load control, the compressor controller switches automatically to the optimum control mode for high, low and intermittent air consumption.
    • Best-in-class performance, total reliability and low power consumption.
  • GX 2-7 EP Compact and Efficient

    • Compared to piston compressors, the GX offers reduced energy consumption and high efficiency.
    • The rotary screw technology minimizes vibrations for silent operation at the lowest initial investment.
    • The standard start/stop control on the GX 2-5 EP ensures the compressor only consumes power when compressed air is needed. The GX 7 EP
      is equipped with energy efficient load/no load control.