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Innovative, intelligent vacuum pumps

The latest series of GHS VSD+ has just got even bigger and better.  It is the next generation of intelligent, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology from Atlas Copco. We have kept to the same well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of the smaller platforms in the GHS VSD+ range. The design has been enhanced by dedicated vacuum engineers to deliver best in class performance in the industry.

Customer benefits

These unique products offer:

  • Superior performance against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vacuum pump technologies for the relevant applications.
  • Increased efficiency – State-of-the-art screw technology, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and innovative motor design combine to produce a leap forward in efficiency.Quiet operation – Noise level is far below that of comparable technologies.
  • Sustainable productivity thanks to built-in efficiency.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to ultra-high oil retention at all operating pressures.

Perfect for diverse markets – The GHS VSD+ Series vacuum pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications in canning, glass bottle and container production, packaging, pipeline drying, pick and place and many more.The GHS 3800-5400VSD+ is the perfect solution when you want to replace multiple point of use vacuum pumps with one centralized vacuum system which can be located in a utility room removing heat, noise and oil emissions from the working environment.

Low lifecycle costs – For replacement pumps, the GHS VSD+ Series offers a very low lifecycle cost (including service activities and energy). Generally the payback time against existing oil-lubricated or multiple dry vane installations will be less than two years, only considering power and maintenance costs, without taking into account the easy installation.  For new equipment, the lifecycle cost of the vacuum pump can be cut by up to 50.

Outstanding, unmatched benefits – These vacuum pumps consume approximately 50% less energy than alternative technologies. They are among the most energy-efficient oil- lubricated vacuum pumps on the market in the capacity range where some other technologies (e.g. oil-sealed vane and fixed speed OIS) start to become mechanically inefficient and expensive in terms of capital expenditure.

Easy, fast installation saves time 

  • Space-saving – The GHS VSD+ Series has one of the smallest footprints on the market: ideal for compressor house installations.
  • Everything you need is delivered in a single, neat enclosure.
  • Plug-and-play installation.Multiple pumps can be controlled by the Elektronikon® (via ES6i).

Optimized working surroundings – In addition, the GHS VSD+ Series offers a very low noise level when compared to other vacuum pumps on the market today. Its market-leading oil retention also means that the quality of the exhausted air is optimal and oil spills on the factory floor are avoided.The end result is a significantly cleaner working environment.

Guaranteed uptime and low costs – The GHS VSD+ Series is designed for easy and infrequent maintenance: no vanes, no vane chatter, and no vane wear. MeanTime Between Maintenance (MTBM) rates are extremely long. SMARTLINK is available to keep you effortlessly informed of pump performance and maintenance requirements.

Energy recovery – As much as 90% of the electrical energy used by a vacuum solution is converted into heat. With Atlas Copco’s integrated energy recovery system, it is feasible to recover up to 75% of that power input as hot water without any influence on the machine’s performance.Through efficient usage of the recovered energy, you obtain important energy cost savings and a high return on investment.

Technical data:

  • Pump capacity (m³/h): 3828 m³/h
  • Pump capacity (m³/h): Maximum value – 5004 m³/h
  • Pump capacity (cfm): 2253 cfm
  • Pump capacity (cfm): Maximum value: 2945 cfm