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GA 15-26 / GA 11+-30 / GA 15-37 VSD+

Meeting Your Every Need for Compressed Air

Atlas Copco’s GA oil-injected screw compressors provide you with industry-leading performance and reliability and allow you to benefit from a low cost of ownership. Atlas Copco offers a trinity line-up of compressors that matches your precise requirements. The GA 15-26 stands for a high quality, reliable air compressor with the lowest initial investment. The GA 11+-30 delivers top performance in the fixed speed compressor market. Our premium product, the GA 15-37 VSD+, is a unique state-of-the- art air compressor with unparalleled performance and energy savings.

Customer benefits

  • Highest reliability – The GA series is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217. Ensuring a long and trouble-free life at the lowest operating cost. GA compressors are equipped with the latest generation of Atlas Copco’s innovative oil-injected screw element.
  • GA 15-26: Compact Economical Compressors – Set to tackle your daily challenges, Atlas Copco’s high-performance tank-mounted GA compressors beat any workshop solution. Ready to supply high-quality air, they keep your air network clean and your production up and running.
  • GA 11+-30: Industry Leading Performers – Re-engineered to break records, the industrial GA 11+-30 compressors have the best air delivery capacity in the industry.These all-in-one solutions provide high-quality air at the lowest possible operating costs and offer extended monitoring possibilities.
  • GA 15-37 VSD+: Ultimate Energy Savers – With its innovative vertical design, Atlas Copco’s GA 15-37 VSD+ brings a game-changing revolution in the compressor industry. It offers Variable Speed Drive as standard, a compact motor and small footprint thanks to its in-house design and iPM (permanent magnet) technology. The GA VSD+ reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with uptimes assured even in the harshest conditions.
  • Air system integration – The GA WorkPlace Air System can be installed where you need compressed air. Its low noise operation and integrated air treatment equipment eliminates the need for a separate compressor room. All GA compressors are tested and delivered ready for use. The integrated options will reduce installation costs and pressure drops significantly, thus saving additional energy cost.
  • Advanced control and monitoring – To maximize efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The Elektronikon® controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions. In combination with the ES multiple compressor controller, the operation of your complete compressor room is optimized.
  • Quality air solutions

    • Integrated dryer range with counterflow heat exchanger, integrated water separator and optional Dryer Saver Cycle.
    • The integrated dryer can be outfitted with optional UD+ filter, resulting in oil carry-over as low as 0.01 ppm.
    • Water separation of nearly 100% in all conditions with the standard electronic no-loss drain and integrated water separator in the aftercooler.