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G 110-250

Reliable technology in a robust design

Atlas Copco has a long, and successful history of designing and building rugged and reliable air compressors. The G 110-250 and G 160 VSD air compressors have been designed according to this proud tradition.They incorporate many unique features that help them operate in the harshest conditions.  The integrated oil and water separation systems produce high quality air to reduce costly downtime and production delays. G range air compressors are highly efficient, easy to install and maintain, which helps keep your operating costs to an absolute minimum.

Customer benefits

  • High reliability – A reliable supply of compressed air is essential to make sure that production runs smoothly and efficiently. High-end features and generous safety margins stand for high reliability and continuous production. Air filters remove dust, maximize the lifetime of parts and ensure reliable operation.

  • High efficiency – G 110-250 and G 160 VSD air compressors are designed to be highly energy efficient.The superior screw element provides the optimum combination of maximum free air delivery and low energy consumption.The state-of-the-art compressor element is powered by high efficiency electric motors, contributing to maximum package efficiency.
  • Easy installation, use and maintenance – G 110-250 and G 160 VSD air compressors are truly plug-and-run machines. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple. Complex connections or in-depth technical knowledge are unnecessary. Just put the compressor on a flat floor, connect the power supply and the pipe connections and press the start button to run the compressor.
  • Assuring your peace of mind – Through continuous investment in our competent, committed and efficient service organization, Atlas Copco ensures superior customer value by maximizing productivity. With a presence in over 180 countries, we offer professional and timely service through interaction and involvement. Uptime is ensured by dedicated technicians and 24/7 availability.

Technical data:

  • Capacity FAD (l/s): 137 – 681 l/s
  • Capacity FAD (cfm) – 269 – 1443 cfm
  • Working pressure: 100 – 150 psig
  • Installed motor power: 150 – 300 HP