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BEKO Drypoint XF

The DRYPOINT® XF Principle

The operation of compressed air systems with conventional heated desiccant dryers can suffer from high, system-related air loss. This deficiency needs to be compensated via an increase in compressor performance, thus requiring a higher energy input.

DRYPOINT® XF desiccant dryers offer a convincing, economic solution to the problem: BEKO Technologies has developed a line
of desiccant dryers that are focused completely on reducing energy consumption. By significantly reducing air loss and using the most energy efficient components possible, energy savings of up to 90% can be realized when compared to conventional designs. The energy savings alone offer a complete economic payback after a short period of time. DRYPOINT® XF represents a real system solution: the inline integration of CLEARPOINT® compressed air filters, combined with BEKOMAT® condensate drains represent a major safety asset.

By supplying application specific solutions, we can ensure that our customers receive personalized attention to their compressed air drying needs. The result is a system that will provide the most reliable, energy efficient solution possible.

All BEKO Technologies dryers are designed and tested to meet the strict quality guidelines of our company. There are no compromises to quality and reliability of any of our dryers.


AUTO-PURGE RATE & USER MODES – Auto-adjusting purge rates, user pre-sets for pressure dew points, and customizable operation modes

ADVANCED ECO INTELLIGENT PLC – Real-time monitoring of ambient, inlet, and outlet conditions to calculate the most energy efficient mode of operation automatically

MAXIMUM ENERGY SAVING – Up to 90% energy savings compared with a conventional dryer, up to 40% energy savings compared to a demand control dryer

BEKOTOUCH 2 INTERFACE – 7” touch screen display that is easy to read with animated P&ID, all system parameters, energy savings, and more, plus free firmware updates

MODULAR CONFIGURATION – Engineered to be quickly and easily customized to suit any application with reduced lead-times