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BEKO Drypoint RA ECO

The new DRYPOINT RA VSD variable speed and DRYPOINT RA CT cycling dryer lines redefine energy savings. With a return on in- vestment potential of under a year compared to non cycling dryers, reduced operating costs can be realized from the energy you nev- er have to use. And, energy savings translates to environmental re- sponsibility: less energy used, less environmental impact.

The BEKO Technologies product family of Eco compressed air refrigeration dryers provides users with several advanced features creating a balanced and efficient drying system. The unique variable speed technology monitors the compressed air system and adjusts the compressor and fan speed to match these conditions, reducing energy consumption during periods of low demand. Both Eco series dryers cycle on/off, thus providing users with a 100% stable dew point, no maintenance, and zero freeze-up.

The synergistic effect when combined with a BEKOMAT® drain results in a dryer that has a direct effect on reducing energy consumption and displays maximum respect for the environment because nearly every component can be recycled. This not only adds to the stability and reliability of the dryer, but transforms one of the most inefficient pieces of compressed air treatment into an energy saving one.


    • RA CT : increased energy savings with cold trap cycling technology
    • RA VSD: unique variable speed compressor and fan to match inlet conditions
  • ALUMINUM HEAT EXCHANGER – Vertical profile allows for minimum pressure drop and self cleans using gravitational force
  • INTEGRATED BEKOMAT® DRAIN – Reliable condensate discharge and maximum energy savings
  • TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY – RA VSD: full P & ID diagram with system parameters displayed on a full touch screen capable controller
  • MAINTENANCE FRIENDLY – The compact design and open frame provides easy access to all components