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BEKO Clearpoint

Filtration and Separation

The energy costs of a compressed-air system are decisively influenced by the pressure drop occurring during compressed-air filtration. To maintain the required operating pressure, this pressure drop needs to be compensated by correspondingly higher compressor performance.

The consequence: increased energy demand, premature wear of the compressor … and therefore higher costs. The better solution: BEKO Clearpoint compressed-air filters by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Better performance, long service lives, low costs: BEKO Clearpoint

The BEKO Clearpoint filter technology guarantees low operating costs, long service lives, outstanding process reliability and the safe filtration of aerosols, oil and dust. The comprehensive range of products covers a performance spectrum between 25 to 1,900 scfm (at 100 psi) and includes threaded and flanged filters, as well as high-pressure filters up to 7,250 psig.

Through the innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element) and a flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing construction, BEKO Clearpoint offers safe and reliable filtration and qualitatively better compressed air at significantly reduced operating costs.

With a unique fibre structure and a new manufacturing technology, the filter elements of the BEKO Clearpoint series set new standards in compressed-air filtration.

Material and method optimised
For the 3E filter elements, binding agents are not used at all. For the new medium, micro-fine borosilicate fibres and polyester fibres are thermally fused. In this respect, a high number of fibres with a smaller diameter ensure a finer fibre structure. The material thus boasts a separation surface which is four times larger than conventional filter media, and a larger cavity volume.

Filtering with 3E: extra efficient
The long-term-stable composite of the fibres guarantees a high separation rate over the entire depth of the filter bed and sustainably supports the dirt absorption capacity. In addition, this structure ensures perfect fluid mechanics and thus additionally reduces the pressure difference. The results are significant energy savings of up to 40% at maximum filtration performance.

BEKO Clearpoint Advantages:

  • Reduction of the operating costs, enhanced profitability during operation
  • Safe filtration of liquids such as water or oils, of dusts, gases or aerosols
  • Longer service lives and a qualitatively better compressed air
  • Increase in the machine runtime
  • Improved product quality through the reduction of rejects
  • Reduced preventive maintenance increases productivity
  • Better working and production conditions

The BEKO Clearpoint filter elements: the 3E performance plus

  • Performance-optimized: volume flow increase between 10-15%
  • Energy-optimized pressure difference
  • Improved separation rate
  • High dirt absorption capacity
  • No intrinsic particle release
  • Low flow resistance through an optimised interior and exterior stainless steel supporting cylinder
  • Tested and validated in accordance with ISO 12500

High Pressure use and control

BEKO Clearpoint high pressure filters will give you a decisive added value compared with other brands in this filtration sector. Both reliability and efficiency are significantly increased. The designs are carefully tailored, down to the smallest detail, to the specific requirements of high pressure systems.

Piston compressors inevitably produce pulsations in the compressed air flow. The resulting vibrations can cause leaks in conventional filter housings. BEKO Clearpoint filter housings are provided with a special retention system to ensure that the unit remains leakproof. An important safety feature is the BEKO Clearpoint filter cap which prevents accidental opening of the housing. If the operator tries to open the housing when it is still under pressure, a clear warning signal will be heard.

BEKO Clearpoint High-pressure filters are available in two versions:

  • up to 725 psig
  • 1,450 to 7,250 psig

Absorption – filtration – measurement: Three steps to outstanding compressed air quality

To ensure the best compressed air quality, particularly in sensitive applications where residual oil content is an imperative, CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon adsorbers provide an attractive and cost efficient solution. With CLEARPOINT® V a maximum oil content of 0.003 mg/m³ is reliably achieved even in demanding conditions, and dust filtration is standard. An indispensable process-related component for superior performance.