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24 hour emergency air compressor repair

24 Hour Emergency Service - Philadelphia Region

Compressed Air Equipment provides the most reliable service, repair, and sale of air compressors in the Philadelphia Region.  Our locally based technicians service all industrial air compressors, dryers, and filtration systems on site, and because Trust and Experience don’t happen by chance; our highly skilled, award-winning team of certified technicians have you covered, No Matter What!

Even with the best preventative maintenance program, air compressor equipment does occasionally break down, and it’s typically at the worst possible time. Breakdowns can be expensive concerning lost production, idle workers, and the project not getting done on time.

Fast and reliable service is all that counts when your air system is offline, so we are committed and adequately prepared to respond day or night, 24 hours.  Unlike other service companies, we come prepared with parts and service vehicles stocked with tools to work on your equipment, and we can service all air compressors and brands including rotary screw, reciprocating, and oil-free.

With our full line of rental compressors, we’re capable of getting your plant up and running quickly!

We Service and Repair:

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“The compressed air industry is an industry that people don’t ever consider and don’t ever think about.  Everything around us comes from the use of an air compressor in a manufacturing facility!”   -Adam Pettit-

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